Visit a Rehearsal


We rehearse at Haslemere Hall, where the orchestra rehearses in the Hall while the chorus sings in the Annexe; as we approach a concert we join together to rehearse. Rehearsals start at 7.30pm  and we normally work through to around 10pm, with a short break at around 8.45. Rehearsals are simultaneously serious and fun - we work hard, and strive to achieve high standards, but we enjoy doing it! We are proud of our friendly and approachable reputation and friends old and new have an opportunity to chat during the break. We leave the Hall at 10pm exhilarated from the work out!

Coffee and tea are provided - please bring your own cup. For health & safety reasons we ask that instrumentalists bring their own music stand (although if that is difficult for you, please talk to us as we may be able to help).

Scores are provided and there is no additional charge for music hire. As all our scores are hired, we do ask that you take good care of them so they can be returned to the owner in good condition.

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